Forgotten cars that shouldn't be... not for me!

Mark J. Besso mbspeed at
Tue Apr 25 22:12:12 EDT 2006

Not only are those wheels non-stock, but they seem to have Wolfsburg center 
caps!?!  C'mon Cody, give up the details......

On a trip across the country with another list member we stopped at Sun 
International in CA.  They have a number of R5 Turbo variants available 
including the original PPG Pace Car.  Go to:

Here's a pic taken at their shop last year:


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From: "Louis-Alain Richard"
Subject: RE : Forgotten cars that shouldn't be... not for me!

> Cool car Cody !
> Looks it is a Turbo2, which means it has a standard R5 interior, albeit
> with the "petal" sport seats. The R5 Turbo of the first iteration had a
> very colorful blue and red interior
> ( which is
> unobtainium stuff now, like a Sport Quattro interior.
> The wheels too are not stock, Minilites I think, but these were used by
> the works cars in rally.
> Now Cody, don't lie, you must tell us: between this R5 and an urQuattro,
> which is better ?
> Louis-Alain
> 1983 Quattro
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>> Heres some pictures of the R5, hope 50 is enough! If
>> anybody would like any
>> pictures of anything in specific just ask, I will have the
>> car for another
>> week at least it looks like.
>> -Cody Forbes

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