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About this site

This site is centered around the quattro list, which was started way back in 1991, right around the time Audis were not very popular due to unfounded claims of "unintended acceleration."
Things looked bleak for Audi enthusiasts, especially in the United States, to which Audi was considering saying "auf wiedersehen"...

The list was thus created to support enthusiasts of this marque, and provide a means of discussion, interchange, and support, to supplement the official channel (dealers).

Today, there are well over 1500 members on the main quattro list and various sublists and digests.
We have collected a wealth of information over the years, and we are continuing to work to refine the presentation of this information so it can continue to help others.
Email discussions have led to some heated debates, but also some lasting friendships (we're still waiting for our first interlist marriage though).

The list is run by Dan Simoes as a non-profit effort, and costs are offset by the list members and their voluntary contributions.
If you would like to help, the easiest way is to make a contribution using Paypal.

We take this moment to thank some of those that have contributed.

Thanks for your support!

© Copyright and Disclaimers

The information contained within the archives is copyrighted by the individual authors.
Each author is solely responsible for his/her posts.

Audi, quattro, model names (such as A4,A6), the Audi logo, the 4 ring logo, and many other things are registered trademarks of Audi AG and Audi of North America.

This site, web pages, and mailing list, have no official affiliation with Audi of North America, Audi AG, or any other official Audi sites.

Redistribution in any form without permission is prohibited (email if you have questions about this policy)

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