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New lists:

We are slowly converting the entire site to mailman lists - these lists have a much improved interface and great subscriber options. The main quattro list has now been moved to this new format as well, and some smaller, more specific lists dedicated to a specific type of car have been created. These lists can be accessed from the following page:

Please note that the most current archives are accessed using the mailman interface, and are not on the Archives page itself. This problem will be corrected in the near future.

So on to the lists themselves...

Original (ur) lists:
There are two primary lists on this site, or rather, two methods of receiving the same information. Although named "quattro", the list is for the discussion of anything related to Audi automobiles.

In general, messages tend to be about the older Audis (from the 80s and 90s) rather than the brand-spanking-new ones. Owners of these older cars are interested in a cost-effective way of keeping up their vehicles, so those discussions tend to dominate the list. On the other hand, many of these tried and true Audi lovers have upgraded their steeds to the latest iron (or is it aluminum now?) from Ingolstadt, and you can also read about chip or brake upgrades for your A4, whether the '00 S4 owners got screwed on their "4 piston brakes" or not, and so on.

As demand and list sentiment mandates, other lists related to Audis may be created in the future. The main list gets a LOT of traffic, often amounting to several hundred messages a day. If you can't handle this amount, the digest version is your friend, and groups messages into small batches (now about once a day, or whenever there are about 32KB worth of messages) and sends them out when a full digest has been created.

There is no cost for subscribing to the lists, but you must subscribe in order to post a message to the list. This is to prevent spamming from outside parties. Also, messages sent to the list must be in plain text format - no MIME, HTML, image or file attachments. If your messages are not getting through, check your mail program settings. Posts to the list are sent to quattro@audifans.com, whether you are on the main list or the digest.

For more information, please check out our help section, but -never- email the list address with problems subscribing, unsubscribing, or if you are not receiving email from the list! You should only contact the list administrators, and only then if you have exhausted all other options. The list is maintained by Dan Simoes. Note that the list is unmoderated, and as such, I bear no responsiblity for the validity of information posted to the list by other individuals. As such, each author is solely responsible for what he/she posts to the list (and subsequently, what may appear in the archives). The list and web pages are provided for your entertainment only, and no guarantees of any sort are offered.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact me directly.

This site, web pages, and mailing list, have no official affiliation with Audi of North America, Audi AG, or any other official Audi sites.

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