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Audi I5 Car Inspection Checklist

All vehiclesFundamental Items
 VIN plate in engine bay
 VIN sticker in boot
 VIN number in service book
 VIN number on V5 agrees
 Engine number on V5 agrees
 Colour in V5 agrees with car, boot sticker and service book
 Registered premises
 Motor trader
Engine Bay
    Engine oil level
    V-belt tensions
    Throttle body switches
 Operation of enrichment solenoid
  Operation of wastegate frequency valve
    Vacuum test wastegate upper chamber
    Wastegate control hoses
    Hydraulic fluid - level and type
    Brake fluid level
    Clutch fluid level
    Coolant level and pressure test
    Fuel system - check for leak and leakdown
    Check visible/reachable manifold studs
    Visual check for oil leaks
    Oil cooler lines
    Steering/ignition lock
    Fuel gauge
    Check all gears engage
    Seat belts
    Seats - adjustments, operation
    Electric windows
    Electric mirrors
    Cigar lighter
    Ignition control of headlights and wipers
    Correct number of warning lights
 Voice synthesiser
    Turn signals and hazard lights
    Side, tail and number plate lights
    Brake lights
    Main beam warning light
    Headlight flasher
    Turn signal warning lights
    Hazard warning lights
    Panel lights and dimmer
    Fog lights
    Fog light lenses
    Fog light warning light
    Rear fog light & warning light
    Reversing lights
    Parking lights
    Boot lights
    Headlight lenses
    Headlight adjustment
    Battery - check level and vent
    Seat Heaters
    Heated rear window & mirrors
    Interior light
    Sun visor & makeup light
    Wipers, including intermittent
    Screen washers - fill and test
    Headlight washers
    Rear window wash/wipe
    Injector cooling fan
    Radiator fan
   After-run pump and fan
    Handbrake warning light
    Ignition and oil lights
    Brake fluid warning light
 Check engine light
    Turn signal self-cancelling
    Windscreen - chips and cracks
    Wheels and tyres - tread and pressure, including emergency spare
    Spare tyre and toolset including 893 012 223
    Doors and flaps - locks, hinges and stays
    Central locking
    Exterior trim - chrome, weatherstrips
    Number plates
    Glove box and lock
    Interior trim and fittings
    Steering gear, front suspension, driveshafts
    Front right seat - squabs and back weld
    Front left seat - squabs and back weld
    Brake discs and pads
    Brake pipes, hoses and regulators
    Brake calipers - bleed nipples
    Rear brake caliper carrier bolts
    Brake pressure accumulator
    Drain holes
    Transmission and final drive - loosen fillers, check levels
 Brake assist supply and pressure sensors
   Brake assist pressure sensor
    Exhaust system and mountings
    Rear suspension and driveshafts
    Ease of starting
    Oil pressure and temperature
    Steering operation
    Heater, blower and air-conditioning
    Coolant temperature gauge
    Cruise control
    CO content
    Idle speed

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