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Clutch master cylinder replacement.

Audi parts required:


Unscrewing the clutch master cylinder is tricky. It is secured by two bolts inserted from the outside of the frame, with two 13mm non-captive nuts on the other end. There is insufficient room between the body of the master cylinder and the frame to get a 13mm wrench of any sort past the master cylinder and onto the lower nut. The trick is to slide a 13mm 1/4" drive socket on a short extension in from the rear (as viewed - actually from the front of the car). When replacing the nuts, a piece of Blu-Tack or even some thick grease will hold the nut in the socket so it can be placed.

Because the master cylinder is mounted at an angle, there is a chord of the cylinder that will not expell air up the fluid feed pipe naturally. For this reason it is vital that the piston travels the full length of the cylinder when the pedal is depressed - otherwise it will be impossible to bleed the system properly.

It is possible with care to remove the brake rod clevis pin retaining clips without apparent damage. However - this rod is a CRITICAL safety item and it is recommended that the old clips be destroyed during removal and new ones fitted.

This is a good time to check and grease the clutch pedal pivot and the over-centre spring.

There should be a long and fairly weak return spring on the brake pedal to ensure the brake lights switch off properly, but it is often missing and badly catalogued in ETKA. Part number is 322 721 191

A different procedure is required if the vehicle has factory air-conditioning fitted, because the evaporator blocks access to the left end of the brake actuator rod.

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