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Audi I5 turbo engines - crankshaft measurements and tolerances.

Crankshaft bearing tolerances are measured with Plastigage, manufactured by Perfect Circle. Only PR-1 is essential for ur-quattro measurement - 0.051mm to 0.152mm. PG-1 is sometimes useful - 0.025mm to 0.076mm. This is a calibrated plastic thread which is laid on the bearing surface. The bearing is reassembled to the test torque figure, taking great care not to rotate the bearing. When the bearing is dismantled, the thread will have spread out as a result of the pressure and the tolerance can be read directly using a scale on the Plastigage envelope. The tighter the bearing, the more the plastic thread will have spread.

I5 specific values:

If the engine is out of the vehicle or the clutch bell housing has been removed, it is a good idea to measure the gap between the flywheel pin and tooth senders. Nominal gaps are:

Note the values with the date they were measured and place the document in the vehicle's service book or file. They can be useful sometimes in debugging but are very difficult to measure with the bell housing in place.

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