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Replacing the Audi ur-quattro's FUBA automatic aerial mast

The FUBA automatic aerial (857 035 509A) fitted to the Audi ur-quattro was obsoleted by Audi in 1997 with no replacement. So much for pieces of paper from Munich. Apart from mast damage, the most common fault is the motor overheating because of a stuck mast, melting the front motor mount and disengaging the worm drive. In such a case the electronics package can be detached from the motor and installed as a simple manual aerial. Note that the white wire must be used to power the electronics - otherwise a continuous current drain will result.

The telescopic mast (857 051 560 - ca. £17) is however still available. If the mast is the only problem with an automatic aerial, it can be repaired.

The instruction sheet is, however, in German only. Although the drawings are clear enough, a translation follows - the numbers refer to the illustrations in the leaflet that comes with 857 051 560:

Items 1-19

Items 31-44

Remove aerial from vehicle:

Rebuild the aerial:

Replace the aerial:

On some cars the condensation drain tube may be connected to the sunroof drain. Whether or not, leaving the sunroof drain detached in the boot may cause water ingress.

If the motor cannot be repaired, the electronic mast is still useful. Dismantle the aerial as above and remove the white operating rod. Reassemble the aerial, detach the single black power jumper, and connect this to the white power wire from the radio. The motor is electrically disconnected. The aerial will now function as a simple manual push/pull aerial, but the electronic function (0db impedance matching) will be retained.

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