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Green digital dashboard diagnosis - Audi ur-quattro

The most common problem with the green digital dashboard is the power supply unit being damaged by incorrect use of jumper (starter) leads. It is imperative that the recipient vehicle is protected with surge suppressing leads - either separate ones (e.g., Sealey PROSAF12) or jump leads with built-in protection. Always connect and disconnect jump leads with the ignition switched off on both cars.

Check also that Fuse 4 is rated at 15 amps or below. This fuse protects the digital dashboard power supply.

If damage has already occured, it may be limited to the voltage converter. Where the dashboard is in miles (feature code M20) it is shipped by Audi in two parts - the dashboard itself (857 919 038L) and its power supply - actually a static invertor - (857 919 041A). The dashboard costs twice as much as the power supply and the two together exceed £1,000. For this reason, it is important to determine which of the two components has actually failed.

If there is no power at all on the power supply, the fault may be a blown choke coil on the main motherboard. Instead of replacing the protective foil, proceed as follows:

If the power supply shows battery voltage between pins 15 and 31, but not the 26-29 volts between UV and UK, the voltage converter is most likely defective.

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