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Hazet ur-quattro Service Tools

Hazet - suppliers of specialist Audi hand tools (excellent English catalogue online) with UK suppliers Damar International:

 1847-3 CV joint circlip pliersUnbelievably, there IS a tool!
10-2042577 Valve stem oil seal pusherUse a small deep socket
10-208A2599 Tappet shim pliers 
10-2122575/104 Set of shimsBuy them separately
541/12577-1 Valve spring compressorFor "head on" technique
1669  Extra-long 6mm Allen for 20V inletUse 1/4" extensions with care
20692593-28 Tube socket for shock absorbersSerious pipegrips usually adequate
2069A2593-33 Tube socket for shock absorbersSerious pipegrips usually adequate
20782574-1 To depress lifters for shim changeMeasure and take cam out
30782593-22 22mm socket for top strut bearing22mm offset ring if guessing torque
31354559 Allen driver for WR injector seatsCut an 11mm Allen & epoxy in a socket
1318/34516 Tool for adjusting fuel mixtureExtra-long 3mm Allen key (Audi tool P377)
V/5790-1 Piston ring pliersOddly useful - piston rings are brittle
 2567-16D.120-16Driver for anti-tamper drain plugs 

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