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ur-quattro Feature Order Codes

Items in italics have come from other vehicles, since Audi's list of orderable features for the ur-quattro is incomplete. Many of these items were not documented because they were either standard or special order:

14 Engine protection grill
20 Speedometer in miles
26 Activated carbon canister
34 Gravity valve for fuel tank ventilation
46Side mounted turn signals - Ireland, Denmark, Norway
61 England version
79 Leather trim
103Rough road equipment
110Non-regulated catalyst
114 MB engine
123Specially suppressed parts (export)
124 Yellow head and fog lights - France
139 Heated seats
183 Three-point left and right rear seatbelts
184 Three-point belt - front
184 Automatic lap belt for rear seat
187 Headlamps for left-hand traffic
188 Warm country package - large radiator, heavy duty fan
191JV or SF engine
193 Japan version - emission compliance
195 Gravity valve - Finland
208Trailer towing
229Rear seat headrests
238 Daytime driving lights - Sweden
2493-speed automatic
258Adjustable front headrest
260 RR engine
261Side mirror (flat) passenger side
277 Switzerland version
288Headlight washers
299 Four wheel drive
306 Right hand drive version
340 Heated front seats
341 Central locking
352 Cruise control
360 WX, GV or WR engine
376 Sweden or Switzerland engine - GV, HP, KL, HY
398Heated flat side mirror - driver's side
409Sports seats (front)
425 Rear wash/wipe
426PV engine
430 Laminated windscreen glass - green
432 ABS system
433 Fittings for stereo radio
437 Anti-dazzle rear view mirror - double-jointed pivot
446 Without electronic voice
447 English electronic voice
448 French electronic voice
449 Italian electronic voice
455 Lockable wheel bolts
458 7J x 15H2 alloy wheels
471Sports version
476Full size spare wheel
478 8J x 15H2 alloy wheels
4814 + E manual gearbox
517KV, HY engine
524KX engine
528Convex mirror, passenger side
5415-speed manual gearbox, sport ratios
543NG engine
556JN engine
560 Steel sliding roof - manual
568 Green tinted side windows - laminated
571 Rear fog lamp
572Double horn
573 Air conditioning
577JL engine
578WE engine
579WN engine
589DZ engine
599DS engine
600YN engine
62075A alternator
62190A alternator
624DD engine
643Front door trays
651 Electric windows
656Front seats with height adjustment
657Power steering
659Halogen fog lamps
662KE, KL engine
675Revolution counter
676JS, HP, SK engine
834 Cloth interior - "quattro" design
946Leatherette trim
997Flat heated wing mirror - passenger side
998Convex heated wing mirror - passenger side
999Sun visor with illuminated mirror.

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