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Audi I5 Pistons

Mahle in Stuttgart were the original manufacturers of the pistons used in the Type 85 (ur-quattro) and Type 44 (Audi 100, 200) cars. They also made piston rings, bearing shells, etc.

Regrettably, Mahle ceased production of I5 pistons some time ago and their stocks are now exhausted. Audi Tradition has recently commissioned 20 sets of oversize WR pistons. If you need I5 pistons, please post in the "Pistons, Rings, etc." thread in the "Parts" section on the quattro Forum and you will be contacted when the next order is being put together. If you solve your problem in the meantime, please delete your post.

In an emergency, call +49 711 589 660 or fax (preferred) +49 711 584 436 - Herr Wahl. He claims not to speak English even though his pronunciation of some automotive terms is excellent - his daughter deals with communications.

Remember that damage to one or more bores does NOT mean that all five cylinders must be rebored. Oversize pistons are specially balanced to be mixed with standard size pistons in the same engine.

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