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Test - Oil Warning Light and Buzzer - Audi ur-quattros

In the event of either a red oil pressure warning light or an audible warning from the speech synthesizer system, switch the engine off immediately and seek assistance.

Prerequisites in testing:

To minimize risk to the engine, check the oil level via the dipstick and the actual oil pressure with a mechanical Bourdon-type gauge (spark plugs removed) before performing these tests. Low oil pressure can be caused by the wrong oil, a stuck oil pressure relief valve (held in by the oil temperature sender - extreme front and bottom of engine) or by engine wear, typically the main and big end bearings. Do not proceed with these tests unless satifisfied that actual oil pressure is adequate. False warnings can be generated if water leaks onto the auxiliary relay panel behind the glovebox - ensure this area is dry before continuing.

A mechanical Bourdon oil pressure gauge (Sykes Pikavant) with Audi fittigs

A Sykes-Pikavant Bourdon oil pressure gauge with Audi fittings

Procedure for checking the sender (G10) on the side of the engine block - MB and RR engines:

Procedure for checking oil warning lamp control unit - MB engine. If the diode light in use is polarity-sensitive, try reversing the probe points before considering the test failed:

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