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Audi ur-quattro Specifications

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Last updated 23 September 2006

Overal Specifications
Production from-to      
Chassis Type No85
Body TypeTwo door Coupe
Wheelbase (mm)25242224
Front track (mm)14161487
Rear track (mm)14941485
Length overall (mm)44044160
Width overall (mm)17231780
Height unladen (mm)13441345
Weight unladen (kg)1300133513801273

Engine Specifications
HP/PS at rpm200/5500160/5500200/5500220/5900306/6700
Torque(Nm) at rpm285/3500230/5500270/3000309/1950350/3700
0-100 kph (seconds)7.3
Maximum Speed(mph/kph)139/222  143/229146/233154/248
Engine cc214422262133
Bore (mm)79.581.079.3
Stroke (mm)86.4
Compression ratio7:18.6:19.3:18:1
Compression (new, bar)7-99-13 
Compression wear limit (bar)587
Compression max delta (bar)22.53
Firing order1-2-4-5-3
BlockCast Iron (VERY few aluminium alloy)Cast IronAluminium Alloy
Cylinder HeadAluminium Alloy
Valve liftersSolid; shim-adjustedHydraulic; self-adjusting
Inlet valve diameter (mm)3832
Inlet opens before TDC 
Inlet closes after BDC47° 47°41°25°
Exhaust valve diameter (mm)3328
Exhaust opens before BDC43° 43°40°42°
Exhaust closes after TDC 
Knock sensorsNone12None
Relative boost at 20°C (bar)0.68 0.680.560.841.2
Minimum ROZ/RON9895
Spark Plugs - Audi   191 905 450AN 100 807 05
Spark Plugs - BoschW4DPW4DPW4DPW7DTCF5DPO
Spark Plugs - Beru   14-7 DTU
Spark Plugs - Champion   N 9 BXC
Spark Plugs - Gap0.7mm +/- 0.1mm0.7mm +/- 0.1mm0.7mm +/- 0.1mm0.8mm + 0.1mm0.6mm + 0.1mm
Spark Plugs - Torque30 Nm30 Nm30 Nm20 Nm30 Nm
Firing order1 - 2 - 4 - 5 -3



The gearbox has two identifying marks. The gearbox type ("016" for an ur-quattro) is cast in the right hand side of the gearbox immediately behind the driveshaft. The identifying letters abd build date are stamped into the top of the bell housing.

Audi's example is "AAU19082" - "AAU" is the gearbox code and should tally with the gearbox code on the stickers in the service book and in the boot. "19" is the day of manufacture, "08" is the month and 2 is the last digit of the year - 19th August 1982. The ratio change occured on 1 September 1983.

Rear differential

The identifying letters are stamped into the casing at the front lower left side. Audi's example is "UR19082" - "UR" is the differential code. "19" is the day of manufacture, "08" is the month and 2 is the last digit of the year - 19th August 1982.

TRansmission by Engine Code
Transmission typeSynchromesh 5-speed manual
Clutch typeHydraulically operated single 240mm dry plate
1st gear ratio3.60:13.50:1
2nd gear ratio2.13:12.08:1
3rd gear ratio1.36:1 to 7/83, 1.46:1 afterwards1.37:1
4th gear ratio0.97:1 to 7/83, 1.07:1 afterwards0.96:1
5th gear ratio0.78:10.82:1
Reverse gear ratio3.50:1 
Final drive ratio3.89:13.88:1

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