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Audi I5 Turbo Engines - Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts

Those struggling with the 28-year-old fasteners fitted to an early Audi ur-quattro might be forgiven for replacing every single nut and bolt with stainless steel versions to avoid the problems in the future.

Not always a good idea:

Some situations combine; the cam cover nuts never corrode and occasionally fall into an open bore through the spark plug hole - stainless is obviously a doubly bad idea. With that in mind, the following list has been assembled:

Left undertrayM8 or M101
Right undertrayM62
Both undertrays4.2 x 1312Self tapping
Front valance5.5 x 2514Self tapping
Rear bumper5.5 x 255Self tapping
Rear bumper skinM8 x 126
Rear valance5 x 158Self tapping
Engine mount heatshieldM6 x 181
Cambelt backing plate tó headM6 x 151
Lower cambelt coverM6 x 302
Thermostat coverM6 x 252
Oil filter bracket heatshieldM6 x 123
Oil cooler undertray bushes (top)M62WR, GV, WX
Radiator to transomM61
Strut to radiatorM6 x 101
Radiator left mountM81
Auxiliary radiatorM63
Centre air baffle to radiatorM6 x 121
Wastegate to manifold studsM84Self locking
Concertina pipe to downpipeM8 x 303
Concertina pipe to downpipeM83
Exhaust downpipe to gearboxM101
ExhaustM8 x 456
Turbo oil feedM82Self locking
Intercooler lower strutM61
Fuel pump, accumlator, filter, etc.M614
Gearbox mount heatshield4.8 x 133Self tapping
Brake pressure accumulatorM62MB, RR
ABS pumpM63

One mail order provider:

Nutter's Fastenings Ltd
The Old Black and Decker Building
Long Acre
B7 5SL

0121 328 9027

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