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The Programmable Windshield Wiper Relay for the Audi ur-quattro

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One of the easiest and most useful 'upgrades' to the ur-quattro (and many other 1980s Audis) is the new-style programmable windscreen wiper relay.

It's actually listed as a Volkswagen part; 3B0 955 531 - top code 197, or 357 955 531 - top code 99, for about £25. Simply pull out the old relay and push in the new - that's all there is to it.

Once it's done - the wipers work exactly as before, but with one small difference - the controller can 'learn' the wiper delay you want to use. Just use it normally - the default wipe interval is the same as the old one. If it's not right, just turn the wipers off and then switch them back to 'interval' mode when the screen needs clearing. Now you can relax - the controller will continue to use the interval you just set until you change it. To do that, just repeat the off-on sequence and the controller will use the new interval.

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