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Audi 80(B4)Wiring Diagrams

113Chassis grounds
1422Battery, starter and alternator
2335Injection, injectors and ignition
3649Injection, ignition and knock control
5062Injection, Lambda probe
6373Injection, fuel pump and relay
7483Ignition switch, X-relay
8495Coolant fan, additional instruments
96103Reversing lights
104114Headlights and headlight adjustment
115127Light switch, headlight flasher, parking lights
128137Glovebox, boot and licence plate lights
138150Blinker and hazard flashers
151164Screen washers, heated washer jets, horn
165171Tachometer, clock, instrument dimmer
172180Voltage control, coolant monitoring, fuel gauge, speedometer
181194Minicheck, oil pressure gauge, coolant monitoring
195207Front and rear fog lights, sidelights
208219Interior lights, door contact switches, makeup mirror, cigar lighter
220231Radio, fresh air fan, heated rear screen
111Battery, starter, alternator
1222Controller for Monomotronic injection, fuel pump
2334Lamda probe, activated carbon container, throttle switch
3543Hall sender, spark plugs
4456Screen wash/wipe, heaadlight washers, heated washer jets, horn
5759Minicheck, oil pressure controller, coolant monitoring
914Battery, starter, alternator
1526Glow plugs, fuel cutoff valve, glowplug relay, exhaust recirculation
2739Oil cooler, coolant pump, oil cooler fan
4050Controller for exhaust recirculation, idle control, glowplug relay, fuel shutoff
1020Injection, lambda probe
2130Fuel pump relay, fuel pump, injectors
3142Electronic ignition
5659Coolant fan
6065Coolant fan afterrun
112Time-delayed interior light, makeup mirror
4355Dashboard, speedo, tachometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure, coolant temperature
1225Interior lights, makeup mirror
114Electric windows - 1
1528Electric windows - 2