Kerbside motors

Wiring Diagrams - European Type C4s

ABS, Electronic Diff Locks, FWD
ABS (quattro)
Trailer Hitch
Auto-check System
Avant, rear
Onboard Computer
Electric Windows - 2-door Cars
Electric Windows - 4-door Cars
Electric Rear Blind
Electric Sunroof and Total Closure
Electric Mirrors
Electric Seats and Mirrors - Memory Function
Fault Finding - External Temperature Gauge
Fault Finding - AutoCheck System
Fault Finding - Onboard Computer
Fault Finding - Cruise Control
Fault Finding - Electric folding side mirrors
Fault Finding - Mincheck System
Fault Finding - Instrument Panel
Fault Finding - Seats and Mirrors, Infrared Control
Fault Finding - Telephone
Fault Finding - Immobiliser
Automatic Transmissin - 4 cylinder engines
Automatic Transmission - V5, V6
Automatic Transmissin - V5 Diesel
Cruise Control
Air Conditioning and Stationary Heater
Air Conditioning - Error Code Storage - 4 Cylinder
Air Conditioning - Error Code Storage - 5 Cylinder
Air Conditioning - Error Code Storage - TDI
Aid Conditioning - Error Code Storage - V6 & V8
Interior and Reading Lights with Delay
Anti=vermin kit
Engine - 1Z
Engine - AAH
Engine - ABC
Engine - ADR
Engine - AEC
Engine - AHK
Radios beta, gamma, delta & CD-changer
Bose radio with CD Changer, Avant
Bose radio with CD Changer
Headlights - Gas Discharge
Headlights - Integrated Fog Lights and Rear Fog Light
Central Locking with Remote Control but without Theft Warning
Central Locking with Remote Control, Theft Warning and Interior Monitoring

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