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Audi Wiring Loom Repairs

A damaged wiring harness - vandalism

Vandalism is one cause of wiring loom damage. In this case, a monkey lad cut an Audi S6 ECU loom to get the steering rack out. Not only career-limiting (with immediate effect) but also unnecessary.

There are 50 wires in an S6 engine control loom

There are fifty wires in an S6 engine control loom at this point. Some have unique colours - but there are five red/blacks, four brown/whites and four plain reds. Some wires have to be traced back to the ECU connector and identified from the ECU pinout diagram, then traced back in from the other end of the loom.

There are 50 wires in an S6 engine control loom

Stripped and tinned, the wires are overlap soldered and insulated with heat shrink sleeving. This is the best way of joining, because the loom has to fit back through the firewall grommets.

A skilled and time-consuming job - but less than a third of the price of a new loom.

Soldering almost finished

Soldering well underway. Once it's finished it will be tested and reinstalled in the vehicle.

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