No Start: Audi 100, 1990, I5 NF engine, non-turbo, non-quattro, CIS-E-111 (California)

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Sep 1 20:52:01 PDT 2011

> If I do order the replacement ICU, any other parts that I should
> probably pick up while I'm at it? Not specifically for this problem, but
> since I plan on keeping this car a few more years, and since shipping
> parts 1 by 1 gets pricey, I may as well stock up on a few things if I
> place the ICU order from Force 5, that needs to ship it.

Case of oil filters. One air filter.  Set of platinum spark plugs.  Cam 
cover gasket?  Spare power window switch or two?  Cap and rotor. 
Accessory belts.  Voltage regulator?

Oh, and this is mostly in jest, and a bit out-dated, but it is pertinent 
to one of your questions:

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