Air Conditioning Upgrade

Peter Golledge petergolledge at
Fri Sep 2 06:41:35 PDT 2011

Similar to that described for the A4.

Flush the system out, new o-rings on fitting, new 134A compat oil, new dryer and orifice tube. Evacuate and fill.  BTDT with multiple type 44 systems.  As Tony said, mostly labour the parts are relatively cheap.  Orifice tube is literally $5.  However you do need a vacuum pump, gauges and time.

On 9/2/2011 6:19 AM, Paul Caouette wrote:
> Figured it would be a good time to ask about how difficult it would be to
> refit my '91 Avant 20 Valve Turbo
> with a 134 system?
> It seems to be getting more and more difficult to service the old Freon
> system......or.....
> Anyone know of an A/C shop in Denver with Freon?
> On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 8:12 AM, Tony Hoffman<auditony at>  wrote:
>> Really no reason to spend that amount. If there is metal in teh system, it
>> will need a compressor and expansion valve, reciever dryer, and all the
>> o-rings. Other than that, it's all labor. Pull it apart, blow through
>> everything with interdynamics cleaner, and reassemble. Less than $600 in
>> parts, at my standard markup. I just don't see $4400. I really don't see
>> more than $1500 for this job, but maybe my rent is much lower than theirs
>> ;-)
>> Tony
>> On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 8:57 PM, Ed Kellock<ed.kellock at>  wrote:
>>> A friend of mine just picked up a 2000 A4 Avant that has inop AC.  They
>>> took
>>> it to a shop for an estimate to get the AC working which came back in at
>>> $4400.  Is there something so unique and/or difficult with the AC system
>> in
>>> that car that would make this so high?  I've read over the estimate and
>>> they
>>> basically want to replace/rebuild the entire system, compressor, orifice
>>> tube/expansion valve, evaporator, condensor, and hoses.  They mention
>>> something about a front-end collision and metal in the system.  Shocking.
>>> Surely this can be done for far less.
>>> Ed
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