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I just did the 1992 Firebird with a kit from Advance Auto.  It just had
fitting adaptors and 3 cans of 134a w/oil.  The system on the car had been
completely devoid of freon for several years so I just filled it up and it's
blowing cold.  Different animal though, the Pontiac versus an Audi.  I tried
to use the left over to charge the 93 V8, but the fitting wasn't correct.
My Avant needs AC service too.  This year it seems to have no cold-ability.
I might try to convert it as well.
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Figured it would be a good time to ask about how difficult it would be to
refit my '91 Avant 20 Valve Turbo 
with a 134 system?

It seems to be getting more and more difficult to service the old Freon

Anyone know of an A/C shop in Denver with Freon?

On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 8:12 AM, Tony Hoffman <auditony at> wrote:

Really no reason to spend that amount. If there is metal in teh system, it
will need a compressor and expansion valve, reciever dryer, and all the
o-rings. Other than that, it's all labor. Pull it apart, blow through
everything with interdynamics cleaner, and reassemble. Less than $600 in
parts, at my standard markup. I just don't see $4400. I really don't see
more than $1500 for this job, but maybe my rent is much lower than theirs


On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 8:57 PM, Ed Kellock <ed.kellock at> wrote:

> A friend of mine just picked up a 2000 A4 Avant that has inop AC.  They
> took
> it to a shop for an estimate to get the AC working which came back in at
> $4400.  Is there something so unique and/or difficult with the AC system
> that car that would make this so high?  I've read over the estimate and
> they
> basically want to replace/rebuild the entire system, compressor, orifice
> tube/expansion valve, evaporator, condensor, and hoses.  They mention
> something about a front-end collision and metal in the system.  Shocking.
> Surely this can be done for far less.
> Ed
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