At least, a real figure for a 20V EFIed urQ

Louis-Alain Richard louis-alain.richard at
Fri Sep 2 13:15:01 PDT 2011

A fellow urQ owner from Montreal had is 1985 car converted to a 2.2 20V
(AAN) with a ball bearing turbo, stock exhaust with a Paul Fernandes muffler
and 034EFI injection. 

Figures, as tested by our own Brady on his Dynapack, are 369 hp and 380
ft-lbs with 17 psi. That's just 210 horses MORE than a stock WX, or a 130 %
raise... Should be interesting, and very close to an early Rally-prepped urQ
like the A1.

Did not drive the car yet, neither the owner, so comments will come next
week when we'll drive it. 

Brady, can you tell us what are the bits if anyone is interested in such a
setup ? And are these wheel HP or crank-corrected HP ?


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