No Start: Audi 100, 1990, I5 NF engine, non-turbo, non-quattro, CIS-E-111 (California)

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Sep 2 16:28:11 PDT 2011

>>> If I do order the replacement ICU, any other parts that I should
>>> probably pick up while I'm at it? Not specifically for this problem, but
>>> since I plan on keeping this car a few more years, and since shipping
>>> parts 1 by 1 gets pricey, I may as well stock up on a few things if I
>>> place the ICU order from Force 5, that needs to ship it.
>> Case of oil filters. One air filter. Set of platinum spark plugs. Cam
>> cover gasket? Spare power window switch or two? Cap and rotor. Accessory
>> belts. Voltage regulator?
>> Oh, and this is mostly in jest, and a bit out-dated, but it is pertinent
>> to one of your questions:
> Platinum spark plugs? They're not even listed as an option for these
> cars. I'd go with the W7DTC (OE spec) as first choice, maybe the lowly
> W7DC as an option. Over the counter platinum plugs are the cheapest, and
> highest profit margin, of all the commonly available plugs used in Audis
> of this generation, and they don't work well.

I have had fantastic results with Bosch platinums in all my Audis. 
Smooth running and they last almost forever.

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