Subject: RE: Air Conditioning Upgrade

Sat Sep 3 16:37:52 PDT 2011

On the subject of air conditioning, a few years back I had a '72 MB  280SE. 
 Being German, it had American a/c, (I think MB bought systems from  Texas 
Air) but a real old system with a York style compressor.  I decided  to 
switch to a Sanyo compressor, which really improved cooling. (cheapskate that  I 
am, it was a bone yard Sanyo. I think it was off a SAAB). Audi content: 
While  searching the web to find a mount to mate the Sanyo to the MB, I recall 
that  there were also adapters for the Audi I5.  The adapter wasn't much, I  
suppose I could fabricate one. But,the cost wasn't much. Can't recall the  
Tom Faust

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