87 5000 loosing power sometimes

Stephen Sherman spsherm at msn.com
Tue Sep 6 16:40:28 PDT 2011

Just wanted to bump this up some.

Any thoughts anyone?  Beyond the basics (leaking intake hoses etc) what 
would like cause a lack of turbo boost at lower rpm, especially when 
hot.  I could use some hints.


On 8/23/2011 10:35 AM, Stephen Sherman wrote:
> First let me say that the car runs just fine most of the time. However 
> when going up long hills (as we do to get home) it tends to loose low 
> end power, and I've noticed the engine temps rising too.  Turbo boost 
> seems to still be available if I downshift and up the rpms to say 
> 3000, but is not happening at lower rpms (say 2200). Seems to only be 
> a problem when the engine is getting hotter.
> A quick check in the engine compartment did not show any missing lines 
> or loose connections, but I did notice that the U shaped horn on the 
> air intake has disappeared.  I was wondering if sucking intake air 
> from close to the turbo might account for some of this behavior (Sort 
> of doubt it, as this horn tended to fall off alot, so not sure how 
> much it really was in place to work)
> Thought, things to check?

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