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Wed Sep 7 14:12:19 PDT 2011

The more we think about this the more a weak spark matches the symptoms. 
The question becomes, then, how to figure out which bit of the ignition 
system is the problem, and what to do about it - given we're in a random 
bit of Eastern Europe where the (F)LAPS are unlikely to stock 
distributor caps, rotors, coils and ht leads for 1980s 5-cylinder audis...

We'll pull the plugs tomorrow morning to see how they look. We've also 
got a spare set of leads (no king lead though) and a dizzy cap, which we 
might swap in - but they're used, and not known-good.

Suggestions welcome!

On 07/09/2011 19:08, Richard van der Hoff wrote:
> Hi from Slovenia^w Hungary!
> So we're now on our way to Romania in a BABE-style rally in a 1984 200 turbo. Adventures so far include having to source a new alternator belt, and the centre silencer disintegrating. We've now had a new silencer welded in, so have stopped poisoning ourselves with CO.
> Anyway, we now have a new problem which I thought the list might be able to help with. The situation is that we seem to be low on power - most noticeably, the engine won't rev above 4000rpm in top gear. It seems anaemic in other gears too, though the auto box makes it a bit hard to tell :). Backing off the throttle actually gives more power and it will rev higher. There's also a smell of fuel, as though it's running rich.
> A significant air leak seems unlikely since it's fine at idle. Also we're ruling out today's exhaust fix as a cause as we had the same problem with no exhaust (but bigger problems to worry about).
> Weak spark (though it was fine yesterday)? Wrong mixture under load? Any other ideas of where to start looking, given our slightly limited resources, and the fact that we're already a few hours behind schedule?
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