Unfaithful thoughts!

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I didn't specify, but this was a much older car - say '70s (I think) and things might have changed by now but they lost me for life.
Also, on the door in question, I had already tried to remove the lift and on finding no way possible to do so was informed about the "dismemberment repair" method, and confirmed by other independant repair shops.
I was also told if I thought a part was expensive "maybe you should drive something else if you can't afford it". Like I said - I won't bother them again!


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You guys are dashing my dreams of a nice 190e cosworth commuter.  That and
he 93/94 300ce /e300 coupe are a beautiful car, I feel.  Really cool
epresentation of the w124...  I had heard told this motor/chassis combo was
uite good at growing old, no?
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 On 9/7/2011 4:26 PM, Hayes Myers wrote:
> Agree on all but the 'Reagan said'. Reagan didn't say much that was ever

 I didn't say he was right, I just said that he said it ;-)



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