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Thu Sep 8 02:46:39 PDT 2011

Ok, time to admit to a bit of stupidity. When we put the michelin man hose back on, we managed to put the jubilee clip in the way of the throttle linkage. We're now back up to speed :) 

So the original problem was indeed the split hose, and Eric wins the most useful post award! Thanks all, especially Eric!

Richard van der Hoff <quattro at> wrote:

>Well, it was certainly a great suggestion, and we found a big split in
>the michelin man hose. A load of self-amalgamating tape later, a
>mixture correction, and we thought we'd be sorted. We also swapped out
>an HT lead which had very high resistance. The other leads didn't seem
>great, but weren't too bad. 
>But no improvement :(. We've also lost the kickdown on the auto box,
>which makes matters even worse, though it's probably independent. 
>It's certainly running rich, based on the soot coming out of the
>exhaust this morning. So really we're back to hunting for air leaks and
>weak spark. To help narrow it down, is it fair to say that an air leak
>would lead to sooty plugs, whereas weak spark wouldn't (as the fuel is
>just going out of the exhaust)? 
>Richard van der Hoff <quattro at> wrote:
>>Noted, and great suggestion. First thing we'll check after breakfast
>>On 07/09/2011 23:02, esanborn at wrote:
>>> On Sep 7, 2011 5:01 PM, Richard van der Hoff
>>> <quattro at> wrote:
>>>  >Hi Eric,
>>>  >On 07/09/2011 19:23, Eric Sanborn wrote:
>>>  >> Tear/leak in hoses on pressure side of turbo? Michelin Man hose?
>>>  >Possible, haven't had a chance to have a good look yet (will have
>>>  >in daylight tomorrow) - but wouldn't that screw up the idle?
>>> My 4000 with a KH turbo had occasional problems with the MM hose. It
>>> would run like a dream until I built boost and then it would fall on
>>> face. It would come right back after I let off. The hose was
>>> enough to hold vacuum, but when it expanded slightly under boost it
>>> would open and vent air making the car very rich.
>>> I suggested it partly because it is easy to check. Just feel around
>>> your finger for any holes.
>>> -Eric
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