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The Italians had that one well thought out. My 63 Ferrari 250 had a mechanical on the block of the V12 and an electrical "booster" at the tank with a factory switch on the console.
The engine red lined at almost 8k RPM and would starve the mechanical pump. So when "getting on the cam" of that glorious Lampredi V12 it was prudent to switch on the booster. With multiple downdraft Webers, there was not the high pressure issues with todays injected engines.
Those were the days!! Such fun!!


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Ack!  Two pumps in series who would do such a thing.  Think of the MTBF on two 
umps particularly if the "close to the tank" pump slowly dies and starves the 
ressure pump.
Oh hang on my 930 has that.  Guess I know where the Porsche Engineers from the 
eam Turbo went. :-)  Probably the same guys who designed the 930 wiring so 
nderrated that they literally melt fuel pump wiring at the fuse.
The delicious part is that most newer pickup diesel designs (Ford/Chevy anyhow) 
ave two pump design.  You can imagine the cavitation when you starve a 20,000 
si engine driven pressure pump.  In an age where pressure transducers cost 
ents you would think that manufacturers would put a sensor between the pumps to 
etect low pressure, no such thing on my 05 Ford.

n 9/8/2011 5:45 AM, Tony Hoffman wrote:
 I always thought the MB single wiper with a robotic sort of movement was
 pretty cool. Basically, it has a second gearbox at the bottom that moves it
 out as it goes to the corner of the W/S, then back in at the center and each
 of the ends. Well, that went out on Dad's 190E. Unlike Audi, it is still
 available. However, it's $1200. BTW, it has a plastic gear inside that the
 teeth break off of. Yea, right. Superior engineering, alright. Anyhow, we
 "fixed" it with a used one (with cracked teeth, but I greased the heck out
 of everything). It's still working, but when it goes I'll just replace it
 with a straight arm and smaller blade.

 Also, they run two fuel pumps in series. Never understood that one either.
 If you remove one, the car will run fine. BTDT for several friends/customers
 in the past.

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