issues with the V8q

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Fri Sep 9 04:54:24 PDT 2011


Hello all:

The temperature light has come on for the second time since owning this car. It also happened just a few weeks ago. The last time, I checked the coolant, it was a little low so I topped it off and went on my merry way. Today, I was late for work so I took "other" transportation. I haven't yet put a 1000 miles on this car so I'm wondering if there is something else I should be looking at.

I've noticed that the little "information center" in the middle of the dash board goes wacky every now and then. Sometimes it flashes "E" when I have plenty of gas and sometimes it doesn't display the miles per gallon number and just remains blank (which is a blessing these days). 

Suggestions, help would be appreciated.

1990 V8q pearl

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