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This ~ 1983 Ur Q showed up at Watkins Glen 10 years ago (2001) with a nearly flawless 3B 20V install.

It must of been a lot of money back then with the power plant still in a relatively expensive car in 2001 
(although it was 10 years old THEN)


The car was # 117 I think at a NEQ event at Watkins Glen / Aug?  The guy working on it is Jay from VT, but its not his.

I don't know much more about it.  Just food for thought for those in the USA.

-Scott by BOSTON
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Agreed, need to see this creation. 

Martin Pajak


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> The car has a Wagner intake, which does not clear the AAN fuel rail, 
> so it
has a 3B fuel rail and regulator. IIRC the Wagner did not clear the power
steering either. And the rad still had to angled further backwards, so it
wasn't really a "solution." The intercooler is a custom-built one near the
stock location The turbo is a GT2860RS.

Piccies.  Need piccies.





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