[urq] True Short Shifter 016 Challenge

Scott Justusson qshipq at aol.com
Sun Sep 11 22:12:35 PDT 2011

 That's an interesting claim Cody....  Maybe you didn't understand the project as I presented it.  The short 'throw' is easy enough problem to solve 'external' to the transmission, but a tight "H" pattern is not.  Since the "H" (lateral) throw is internal to the transmission, we figured one would need an additional lever arrangement to operate the gear selector shaft, effectively reducing the required motion at the shifter.  Since that 016 shift linkage arrangement is not on a single plane, and the room for a lever multiplier was just too darn tight in the urq, we bagged the idea, and went back to drinking beers.

That said, if I missed something really basic, by all means don't just email it to me, a lot of folks would love a *true* short throw/tight H 016.


Scott J
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I know how to make the shifter you desire. Ill have to draw it up and email it.

-Cody (mobile)


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