[urq] TR: At last, a real figure for a 20V EFIed urQ

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Mon Sep 12 14:33:48 PDT 2011

 Ben Howell was making and selling the urq pump>20vt adapter bracket which has been used for years without any known failure issues.  I own one on a 20vt conversion, and have worked on several others that have seen a lot of abuse.  It's a two point mount vs the stock "3point" mount, but that's one beefy plate on the front of the pump.  If you are really paranoid about it, you can reinforce the bracket attached to the water pump to accomplish the same piece of mind any '3' point mount would give, btdt to a customer car.  

Reinventing this 'wheel' is not worth the trouble IMO.  I can't say I've seen a handful of 20vt type 81/85 conversions 'without' the Ben Howell bracket using the stock urq pump.  It's simple, and it works, and no other mods are necessary (save pulling the rear bracket off the pump and tossing it).  The AAN serp belt works, but it is a really tight fit, I first saw it almost 10 years ago on a AAN urq in Texas.  It's really cool in concept, not sure the 'real' benefit in bang for buck or actual serviceability.

Having seen the fitment of the Wagner manifold, I'm not sure why one wouldn't just use the AAN intake manifold, and relocate the radiator to clear if a single pass IC arrangement is desired.  That said, in order to run a single pass IC, front end mods are necessary, so why not just use the AAN intake, and deal with the fitment with a lot more cash in one's pocket.

HTH and my .02

Scott J
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I'd have to ask which hydraulic or power steering pump, doesn't fit the
Wagner IM? The UrQ's original pump . . . on which bracket??


I'm fitting a stock UrQ pump to a AAN (with a RS2 IM) right now it's looking
like a stock 7A bracket will work, with a slight rerouting of the vacuum and
water lines that run under the stock lifting bracket on front of the AAN.
I've also got one the aluminum brackets built by someone in Colorado (sorry
I can't remember who made it), but I'm not comfortable with the single point
attachment of the pump on that bracket, if I can get the 7A bracket to work
out I'll go that route! I think Joe Marconi (sorry Joe about totally hacking
your last name) had the same 7A bracket in an AAN in a Coupe Quattro.

There's been a number of folks fit a Wagner IM, but I don't recall how they
dealt with the fitting a pump. Think I heard about them shimming it up to
fit by placing a spacer between the manifold and the throttle body which
gave them the clearance up front.

Some folks have discussed trying to keep the original serptine system from
the AAN (2Bennett in Calif) but I'm not sure why they are so interested in
using the AAN pump, isn't the pressure of the AAN pump twice the UrQ pump
which would probably cause problems with the steering rack seals??

Brady, tell us more about the "intercooler is a custom-built one near the
stock location The turbo is a GT2860RS". Has it been on track much??






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