Intermittant No-Start, Shut-Off

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Thu Sep 15 08:36:19 PDT 2011

Well, had the car at my shop for a couple of days. They ran some diagnostics (no codes found), started the car cold and hot, 

drove it around and weren't able to replicate anything. So for now, I will drive it and see what happens.

Wonder if the gas cap was just loose. Seems to me that would generate some sort of code, and I always listen for the pump
jockey to make sure they tighten it, but maybe it wasn't...

REALLY nice to have my car back after driving a rental Chevy HHR for a couple of days.

Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6Central NJ USA

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The key fob won't do that. The primary symptom of a dead fob battery is you can't lock/unlock the doors with the remote. If that works then it's fine. Plus the antitheft will prevent it from starting at all (never shut it off while running) and the antitheft light will flash. 

If there's no CEL the crappy scan tool at the FLAPS isn't likely to get you anywhere. Get to a VAG-Com and get actual, useful, VW codes out of it. The OBDII system on a modern VAG product is good for plugging in to a state inspection machine to pass/fail the car. Anything other than that use a VAG-Com to get VAG codes that are more detailed and correct.

-Cody (mobile)

On Sep 11, 2011, at 10:58 AM, Dan DiBiase <d_dibiase at> wrote:

> I've been having the subject issue for about a week. Last week-end, mu car took a few extra cranks to start, occasionally. Twice,
> during the week, it shut off on me while driving, just at the end of my block. Stared up fine after that. Both times I returned home
> and switched cars. Haven't been able to replicate it. No CEL. I am going to try to get to Autozone today to see if there are any
> codes. No recent work done and gas cap is tight.
> A friend suggested this might be related to the anti-theft, due to the battery going in my key fob.... I've had the car for almost exactly
> 8 years and am on the original fobs/batteries... In the absence of any codes, could this be the issue? Would there be any other
> symptoms of a key fob battery going? Car runs fine otherwise. 
> Dan D
> '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
> Central NJ USA
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