B5 A4 rear sub-frame

Chuck Storms cstorms75 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 12:38:12 PDT 2011

I have a 2001 A4 Avant with 130 kmi. on it, heard a clunk in the rear the other day so on a slow afternoon at the shop I threw it on the lift to find that the rear sub-frame is tearing, from the sway bar mount area down to the control arm mounting bolt area on both sides.  For a little history I have owned the vehicle for less than a year and approx 8 kmi..  I am running slightly wider rubber than stock (225/50 instead of 205/55/16), but it appears that somebody attempted a repair in the past.  The car is loaded up so it has the sport suspension etc...   I'm just wondering if anybody has run into this before and if there is anything to be done in addition to welding it up with some gussets or getting a used sub-frame (too much like work). Posting a link to photo's if it helps at all

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