The advantages of being blonde (Plenty of Audi Content)

NIck Miller chance9121 at
Sun Sep 25 08:05:08 PDT 2011

Its one of the many hidden features of old Audis.  All that comes standard,
how can you ask for more?!
On Sep 25, 2011 8:42 AM, <DOUBLDz at> wrote:
> I haven't had a 1990 version car since, well, the nineties so I forget
> that the lights don't automatically shut off. Lucky for me, I don't go out
> night that often (sad) so I haven't had that many opportunities to drain
> battery ;)
> Soooo, I finally did forget to shut the lights the other night and had a
> dead car the next morning.
> This came on the heels of my last post to the list asking about the
> Autocheck on the dash not changing, giving me false "E" when my tank was
> full. being stuck at 12.6 MPG (ugh) that kind of thing. Well, apparently
> Audi works very much like my computer, or the cable coming into my house -

> every time there's a problem, the techie says: Unplug everything, wait 3
> minutes and boot her up!
> After I charged the battery and got the car back on the road, guess what?
> The Autocheck appears to be functioning again. Like the number of miles
> gallon actually changes depending on what I'm doing. Its a miracle!
> Dee
> 1990 V8Q pearl
> "Bella"
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