The advantages of being blonde (Plenty of Audi Content)

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Sun Sep 25 09:02:18 PDT 2011

You do know you can change whether the display shows current mpg 
(changes constantly) or mpg since the last time you changed it, don't 
you, Dee?  You can reset the display by playing with the button on the 
end of the wiper stalk and the one underneath the wiper stalk.

On 9/25/2011 8:42 AM, DOUBLDz at wrote:
> I haven't had a 1990 version car since, well, the nineties so I forget
> that the lights don't automatically shut off. Lucky for me, I don't go out at
> night that often (sad) so I haven't had that many opportunities to drain the
>   battery ;)
> Soooo, I finally did forget to shut the lights the other night and had a
> dead car the next morning.
> This came on the heels of my last post to the list asking about the
> Autocheck on the dash not changing, giving me false "E" when my tank was half
> full. being stuck at 12.6 MPG (ugh) that kind of thing. Well, apparently the
> Audi works very much like my computer, or the cable coming into my house -
> every  time there's a problem, the techie says: Unplug everything, wait 3
> minutes and  boot her up!
> After I charged the battery and got the car back on the road, guess what?
> The Autocheck appears to be functioning again. Like the number of miles per
> gallon actually changes depending on what I'm doing. Its a miracle!
> Dee
> 1990 V8Q pearl
> "Bella"
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