Hydraulic Oil Leak

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Thu Sep 29 17:48:49 PDT 2011

Red is very odd as there are no red colored fluids in this car unless 
somebody has mistakenly added ATF to the central hydraulic fluid. ATF causes 
leaks in this system fairly easily. By this age though these cars commonly 
leak at the rack and pretty much all of the hydraulic fluid hoses. You'll 
need to clean thoroughly then figure out which hose is leaking or if it's 
the rack. When you do the repair make certain you flush well and refill with 
correct CHF-11s or other substitute.


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Hi all,

Oil is leaking from the hole at bottom of the subframe by the left control
arm connection, brake booster appears dry. The rubber part with the metal
sleeve of small hose from steering rack to reservoir can be turned relative
to the metal tube connecting to the steering rack. Should that be movable?

I've degreased around steering rack, let car run for 5 minutes to see from
where oil is coming from. Oil is red. Have not noticed any leaks.

1986 Type 44 Turbo Quattro


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