Wiring diagrams

Eric Sanborn esanborn at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 09:10:24 PDT 2012

On 8/1/2012 11:23 PM, David Glubrecht wrote:

>  Looking for a wiring diagram for a turbo Audi 5000  (87-89)  not really
>> sure of the year.  I have a few wiring harnesses and motors.
>> I am trying to graft in the fuel injection MAC11 to a different car and
>> need to know which wire does what.
>> I thought I had a bentley, but if I do, I can't find it.
>> Also if anyone would happen to know, what is the minimum necessary to get
>> the computer to power up the frequency valve?
>> If you care about details, I have transplanted a 5cyl turbo into the back
>> of a rabbit PU, spending nearly zero money.  This is for ChumpCar racing.
>>  We have tried to run it and did so with fair success without the freq.
>> valve powered up.  Ran for 12 hours (of a 24 hour race) before we lost
>> compression on a cyl.  Hoping to get the fueling better on the next motor.
I have the manual set at home.  I can look tonight if you don't get any
help in the mean time.  On my web site I put some of the harness stuff
together, but I was swapping a KH out of an '85 turbo into an '85  4000q so
I am sure too much is different for you to use.



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