[urq] URQ steering rack seals

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Well after calling the usual sources it appears these service kits are nla. There were 2 supposedly left in the US. Computer was incorrect and the 2 kits did not exist on the shelf.
Isn't there a source that rebuilds the racks?  I thought I remembered some list talk about owners sending them to a company that handled it like the Shokan House of Hose does the power steering units? If so - where do they get their parts? 
I really want to get the tranny back in the URQ, but there will be no way to service the rack once its in.


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Yes the seal is available as a service kit from audi .
It contains several o-rings , the seal you need , and a couple of sleeves 
nd mounting aids .
he sleeves are needed to protect the seal from damage when sliding it on .
It's explained in detail in the audi 90/Coupe bentley cd-rom with drawings 
nd how to's .
he cd I've got is Windows98 only , and I can't get it to run under XP .


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 While the tranny is out of my URQ, I thought it would be a good time to 
 look at the leaking rack.
 I have a spare that I took apart and found the seal that needs to be 
 renewed. It's not that complicated really.
 Is the seal available - and if so from where?

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