No Start Issue on the 20V

Paul Caouette paxnobis at
Wed Aug 8 16:26:12 PDT 2012

I finally finished splicing the left rear quarter on to Veronica. It's been
a month (or so). I reconnected the battery and tried, unsuccessfully, to
start her this afternoon.

The symptoms:

The engine fires and goes to idle for less than one second and then dies. I
was able to repeat that performance about eight times. (could of done more
but it really wasn't looking like it would clear our.

Some strange things were happening with the parking lights as well. They
stayed on when I turned the key to off but did not come back on when I
disconnected and then reconnected the battery.

I checked the plugs I had disconnected when I cut out the rear quarter.
That included rear tail lights and the connector to that red box that
normally sits against the quarter panel.

Can't imagine what changed in the short time I had her up.

Could it be a simple case of not having fuel.?????

I drove the car into the garage with the tank pretty much on empty.

The battery was disconnected while I did all the body work including the
MIG welding.

Any ideas out there?

connectiions After having Veronica on the blocks for about a month I
finally finished the

Paul Caouette
sv Wild Iris (V40-133)

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