No Start Issue on the 20V

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Wed Aug 8 16:40:48 PDT 2012

Does the fuel pump wiring run past what you cut out?

Have you tried adding some fuel to the tank?  Today's fuel doesn't store 
very well.

On 8/8/2012 5:26 PM, Paul Caouette wrote:
> I finally finished splicing the left rear quarter on to Veronica. It's been
> a month (or so). I reconnected the battery and tried, unsuccessfully, to
> start her this afternoon.
> The symptoms:
> The engine fires and goes to idle for less than one second and then dies. I
> was able to repeat that performance about eight times. (could of done more
> but it really wasn't looking like it would clear our.
> Some strange things were happening with the parking lights as well. They
> stayed on when I turned the key to off but did not come back on when I
> disconnected and then reconnected the battery.
> I checked the plugs I had disconnected when I cut out the rear quarter.
> That included rear tail lights and the connector to that red box that
> normally sits against the quarter panel.
> Can't imagine what changed in the short time I had her up.
> Could it be a simple case of not having fuel.?????
> I drove the car into the garage with the tank pretty much on empty.
> The battery was disconnected while I did all the body work including the
> MIG welding.
> Any ideas out there?
> connectiions After having Veronica on the blocks for about a month I
> finally finished the

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