update on cockpit suddenly filled with steam

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Aug 16 19:20:30 PDT 2012

No, your heater core is also shot.  The fresh air inlet is isolated from 
the engine compartment (or should be), so that steam can only come from 
one place - the heater core.

Obviously, yes, you also have other cooling system issues that need to 
be rectified.

On 8/16/2012 9:18 PM, Bill Pirkle wrote:
> Filled the reservoir with coolant and started to car (85 audi 5000)
> When the temp needle was  about vertical (about 3 minutes) steam began
> to come out of the heater vents.
> Shut off the engine and noticed that coolant was leaking on the drive
> way. Dripping pretty bad. It empted to reservoir in about 10 minutes
> even with the engine not running.
> Dripping was just  behind the steering but the radiator and reservoir is
> toward to front but drops can run all over the engine before they
> finally hit the driveway.
> So I think that there is a major leak in the cooling system that is a
> completely different problem than the leak in the heater core. This
> major leak causes the engine to overheat which produces the steam that
> comes out of the vents in the cockpit.
> Now to find it.
> Bill Pirkle   KE7JIA
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