cockpit suddenly filled with steam

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sun Aug 26 17:38:08 PDT 2012

Dan DiBiase wrote:
> So much for 'living free or dying' I guess.... In my visits to my son in Keene, I can't believe some of the rust buckets and
> junkers I see driving around the area with current inspection stickers... I figured that was just the price paid to live in a state
> that doesn't mandate helmet wearing for motorcyclists but will gladly sell you booze at discounted prices!

Surface rust isn't a problem, but rust holes in the body "should"
cause you to fail an inspection. But inspections are done by
state-approved independent businesses, so if you know someone
... <wink, wink, nudge, nudge>. Of course, they could lose their
license by passing an obvious failure.

No helmets, but I wear one when I ride. As for the booze, they
even have their own special exits on the highway, to make it
easier to drink and drive.

Hey, they even let us pump our own gas! :)

Kent McLean
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