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Vincent Gelinas vrgelinas at
Wed Aug 29 11:48:13 PDT 2012

Laugh at me all you want, but I'd take a Miata/MX5 any day of the week over
a Porsche or Bimmer.

Much cheaper to run and own, and just as much fun when set up right.
On Aug 29, 2012 2:39 PM, "Lee Levitt" <lee at> wrote:

> Folks,
> 5 years ago I asked this group for recommendations on a "play" car --
> summer driver and autocross/track day car.
> Pretty much everyone responded with an "M" car recommendation.
> So I picked up an '01 A4 quattro avant, 1.8t. Had a *lot* of fun with it
> over the past five years.
> Looks like my son will be moving out of his '97 A6 and into this '01 A4
> sometime soon...which leaves me without a summer play car...
> I'm back for more recommendations, and given my track record, I'm not
> going to listen again (particularly if the answer is "M" car). :)
> Here's the question...same criteria as before...still not interested in an
> "M" car. Thinking about a Porsche 968 or perhaps an early 996 C2.
> 968s are relatively inexpensive to purchase (~$10K) and reasonably
> competitive in autocross. I believe they've already hit the bottom of their
> depreciation curve. Older car, starting to age slightly, not yet difficult
> to keep on the road...
> Early (2002) 996s are inexpensive to purchase ($20K+) and also reasonably
> competitive, in their classes. Newer car, more to break, potentially more
> expensive when it breaks. I know about the IMS and RMS problems, would look
> for a car with upgraded seals...
> Again, primary use will be daily driver in the summer. 968 would probably
> see some increasing (and shared) use as an autocross/track car by several
> people (me, son, daughter, friend with 997TT, his sons), and eventually
> replaced as DD by later 996 or 997. If I went the 996 route, we would
> eventually add a 944 or 968 as shared autocross/track car.
> Virtually no seat time in either yet, working on that now. I've spent a
> lot of time on Rennlist, know (intellectually) the basics, but have no day
> to day experience with either of these cars...
> Boxster would be an obvious, but non-viable alternative...not really
> interested in pure two seat convertible...Winter car remains '99 A6 wagon.
> I know some of you have P-car afflictions in addition to our shared Audi
> affliction.
> Comments appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Lee
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