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 The bigger problem Lee, is that all the cars you speak to are two effectively dedicated 2 seaters.  Reminds me of the old A1 Scirocco C&D article describing the rear seats...  You will only put your soon to be ex-friends back there.

So, your choices become, just admit that you will need to get used to a two seater when you do go to a 996/997, or you buy another 1.8t wagon, because you aren't ready to admit your swan dive into a 2 seater yet.  That's major shock therapy, because a 1.8t wagon has more than a back seat, it can actually haul 5 spares instead of barely 1.

Many great suggestions have already come about.  Me, I'd just bite the bullet and get the Z06, you will likely forget the P car purchase.  The Viper would never make a auto-x car, a great track car tho...   The Viper certainly is a car I would someday own, because it's so brutal and raw, anmd it takes real talent to drive at speed.  

Alas, my vote for an interim toy would go over to my most memorable drive for 2012....  A bone stock '03-04 evo VIII.  Absolutely hands down the most under-rated car that is wicked fast and fun, has 4 doors, will haul it's track tires without twisting your back, and it will do fine at Auto-x, track, and summer drives with the A/C on.  I co-drove one at Grattan Raceway Audi advanced driver and HDPE, and back to back runs for 3 days, nary a hiccup.  Driving it at 8/10ths at that venue, the only cars that managed to pass me had full cages, not a single 4ringed machine could get close.

The bigger problem might be finding one that hasn't been tweeked, as a lot of Pizzo's just couldn't leave well enough alone.

Cheers and my .02

Scott J



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without a doubt you should get a P car, specifically a mid engine model, more 
a 1973 914 2.0 preferably black with ~63,000 original miles.
If you need help finding one let me know, I am confident I can source one... ;-)
Selling toyz to pay attorneys

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>5 years ago I asked this group for recommendations on a "play" car -- summer 
driver and autocross/track day car.
>Pretty much everyone responded with an "M" car recommendation.
>So I picked up an '01 A4 quattro avant, 1.8t. Had a *lot* of fun with it over 
the past five years.
>Looks like my son will be moving out of his '97 A6 and into this '01 A4 
sometime soon...which leaves me without a summer play car...
>I'm back for more recommendations, and given my track record, I'm not going to 
listen again (particularly if the answer is "M" car). :)
>Here's the question...same criteria as before...still not interested in an "M" 
car. Thinking about a Porsche 968 or perhaps an early 996 C2.
>968s are relatively inexpensive to purchase (~$10K) and reasonably competitive 
in autocross. I believe they've already hit the bottom of their depreciation 
curve. Older car, starting to age slightly, not yet difficult to keep on the 
>Early (2002) 996s are inexpensive to purchase ($20K+) and also reasonably 
competitive, in their classes. Newer car, more to break, potentially more 
expensive when it breaks. I know about the IMS and RMS problems, would look for 
a car with upgraded seals...
>Again, primary use will be daily driver in the summer. 968 would probably see 
some increasing (and shared) use as an autocross/track car by several people 
(me, son, daughter, friend with 997TT, his sons), and eventually replaced as DD 
by later 996 or 997. If I went the 996 route, we would eventually add a 944 or 
968 as shared autocross/track car.
>Virtually no seat time in either yet, working on that now. I've spent a lot of 
time on Rennlist, know (intellectually) the basics, but have no day to day 
experience with either of these cars...
>Boxster would be an obvious, but non-viable alternative...not really interested 
in pure two seat convertible...Winter car remains '99 A6 wagon.
>I know some of you have P-car afflictions in addition to our shared Audi 
>Comments appreciated.


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