1991 90 10v problems

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i do agree that the CTS is a very likely culprit, based on its past history.

But i'm also suspicious since i believe the OP said that he could nto get cabin heat

An IR temp reading is step 1


Grant Lenahan
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On Aug 30, 2012, at 9:13 PM, Dave Fain wrote:

> Perhaps the temperature gauge isn't working correctly?  A malfunctioning
> coolant temp sensor can throw a lot of things off.  It might be a bit
> premature to assume that the thermostat is "junk".
> Dave
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> "Finally I got to change the thermostat. But when I exposed it I found
> it was well and truly closed.
> I left the thermostat exposed and ran the engine for a while to heat it
> up and no coolant escaped past it.
> So I still have an engine that wont heat up much and uses twice the fuel
> that it should. "
> So did you put in the new $10 t-stat???????????
> When I swapped out my bad t-stat it tested fine.
> Your thermostat is junk, replace it!
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