Audi TT front end

Vincent Gelinas vrgelinas at
Wed Feb 1 12:47:09 PST 2012

I have an odd theory - putting the front end of an Audi TT on a mk4 
Jetta.  I would just steal the bumper and core support for the headlight 
washers, but I don't think those would be compatible with the Jetta's 
contours.  Also, the front end of my Jetta is banged to crap from a 
minor accident the PO was in, so it looks like crap anyway.

I think the front end sheetmetal would be pretty easy to transplant 
because they both share the A4 platform.

Any ideas, besides that it's a little on the nuts side?

I'm retrofitting real HIDs soon (not the damn fleabay projector halos 
that are crap), and I need headlight washers to keep from blinding 
others with glare scattered from the salt that gets kicked onto my car.



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