Seeking parts source

Andrew Buc AndrewBuc at
Thu Feb 2 19:02:21 PST 2012

After getting most of my parts from SJM Autotechnik for the last few  
years, I just went on their website and saw that they no longer carry  
new parts.

Since the parts supplier page on the site is under construction, does  
anyone have recommendations? It would be nice to have a source in the  
Pacific NW or at least on the West Coast, but I'm open-minded.

Currently seeking an exterior door handle (no surprise!) and probably  
some driveshaft stuff for my '87 4kq--when my mechanic gets the car  
in the air next week, then I'll know what needs replaced to stop the  
nasty noises on hard turns. But I'm looking ahead to my future needs  
beyond these parts. Thanks.

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