Seeking parts source

Henry A Harper III hah at
Thu Feb 2 21:02:48 PST 2012

The Import Parts Specialists shop is local to me here in Boise, although I
don't get out there as much as I used to because they moved out of downtown,
are no longer open on Saturdays, and I have a significantly newer Audi now
that doesn't need many parts as yet. Good folks though, Rick, Andy and
Trish. Of course they are likely a front end for Worldpac or similar
wholesaler (website runs a Sophio package that doesn't look like the
standard Worldpac parts picker to me). 4kq door handles run about $20 there.

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> After getting most of my parts from SJM Autotechnik for the last few
> years, I just went on their website and saw that they no longer carry
> new parts.
> Since the parts supplier page on the site is under construction, does
> anyone have recommendations? It would be nice to have a source in the
> Pacific NW or at least on the West Coast, but I'm open-minded.
> Currently seeking an exterior door handle (no surprise!) and probably
> some driveshaft stuff for my '87 4kq--when my mechanic gets the car
> in the air next week, then I'll know what needs replaced to stop the
> nasty noises on hard turns. But I'm looking ahead to my future needs
> beyond these parts. Thanks.

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